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Oil Rig, California coast, sun reflection

East Hampton House, Steven Spielberg, Kate Capshaw, Georgica Pond, East Hampton Village

Lake aircraft, amphibian seaplane, Renegade, sunset, airplane, flash lighting

Air to Ground: Our Air to Ground files include aerial views from all over North America and some of Europe. You can call for a custom search of our off-line files. The results are posted in a private web gallery for you to view. We have in-depth coverage of New York City, New Jersey and Long Island; especially the East End and The Hamptons. (See our Real Estate gallery for close in views or the East End Gallery for general views.) Our off-line files include the central & western USA, with special attention to cities, industries, national parks, farm lands and deserts. Check out the strong graphics of our images of the Badlands in galleries G3 and G4. We also have spot coverage in 45 states, eastern Canada and the Caribbean. Whatever is not covered in our files can be efficiently accomplished on an assignment basis. Ask us about our economical consolidated missions.

Real Estate: We are specialists in photographing real estate, particularily the New York metropolitan area and the East End of Long Island, including The Hamptons (USA). Our clients include most East End real estate companies, local papers, regional and national magazines and owners of prestigious properties.

Framed real estate aerials can be an impressive, memorable and unique gift.

Real Estate Agents and property owners click for more information.

Air to Air: Our airplane can be used to do Air to Air photos of other aircraft. We also have access to several other specialized photo airplanes and helicopters. Our stock skies can be stripped in behind an existing aircraft image. We'll do the work for you.

Our Facilities: Our New York City and Long Island locations have state-of-the-art scanning and retouching work stations, wide format printers, and lamination, matting and mounting machines. We can manipulate images to suit your requirements, often at no additional cost. We use the finest digital cameras and medium or large format film cameras, some of which we have custom altered to out perform ordinary technology. The photos are taken from our own airplane, through an open window. So the photos are amazingly clear with rich color and detail. They retain their quality even as large prints.

aerial photo, shorefront condominium, Greenport, East Marion, NY          Gle Canyon Dam, Lake Powell, Page, Arizona, engineering, construction, bridge building             Resort Marina, Cuttyhunk Island, MA
Electric Power Plant, Sayreville, New Jersey, NJ, industrial, oil      Old Sailboat      Manhattan

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