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To get layout sized downloads you must set up a

Direct Download Account

Qualified advertising agencies, design companies and clients can download a medium resolution version of selected images, suitable for use in layouts or comps.

First we ask that you read our Terms and Conditions for Layout Images (below) and fill out the brief form stating that you agree to those Terms.

Next call us and tell us of the proposed usage. Tel 212-420-0208 (U.S.A.) (If we are out flying, leave a message, we check in frequently.)

We will set up a coded access folder on this website especially for the images that you request. This usually takes just a few minutes after we speak.

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Terms and Conditions, Images for Layout Use Only:

The following Terms apply to any image provided for download and use in layouts or comps. Additional terms apply when purchasing or licencing an image.

1. Definitions: "Photographer" or "Aerial Aesthetics" hereafter refers to Mr. Bruno R. Schreck d.b.a. Bruno Burklin Photo and/or Aerial Aesthetics. “Client”; refers to the requesting party named below on this form and its representatives.

2. Review period: You may examine the accompanying Photos for up to sixty (60) calendar days after the time they are made available, unless this period is extended in writing. After this sixty (60) day period, you agree to destroy all versions for which usage has not been negotiated and paid.

3. No Waiver, Complete Agreement: The terms set forth in this document represent our entire understanding concerning the delivery of the Photos to you, and your review and usage of them in layouts. Additional terms apply when purchasing or licencing an image. All prior understandings, customs or representations, whether oral or written, are hereby merged in this Contract. No terms or conditions may be added unless made in writing and signed by both of us. No action nor failure of action by Aerial Aesthetics shall be construed as a waiver of the terms herein except by express written waiver by Aerial Aesthetics. In the event we waive any specific part of this contract, it does not mean we waive any other part.

4. Use of photos: The accompanying Photos are copyrighted and have been sent for inspection by yourself and your Client. The sole authorized usage is for layouts or comps for your review or for viewing by your client, named below. You may not use these Photos in any other manner whatsoever until you first negotiate a fee and pay our invoice. This means that the Photos may not be reproduced (except: once, for the layout) televised, transmitted, or made available to anyone except yourself and the named client. Use as artist's reference is specifically prohibited. Any usage of a Photo without our express written authorization will be considered a violation of this Contract. Your authorization to use in layouts is not assignable or transferable in any way. Unless specifically stated, Photos are not sold outright, they remain the sole and exclusive property of Aerial Aesthetics. Use is granted for the United States only unless otherwise indicated in writing. You agree not to make, authorize or permit any use of a Photo except as specifically set forth in this Contract. We both agree that the reasonable and stipulated fee for any unauthorized usage shall be three (3) times our normal fee for such use. Since it is difficult to determine the exact amount of damage created as a result of unauthorized usage, in the event you utilize a Photo prior to receiving our express written consent, Aerial Aesthetics agrees to forego our right to sue you for copyright infringement if you pay, as liquidated damages a sum equal to three (3) times the normal price we would have charged for such use within ten (10) days of our billing such fee. If you fail to timely make such payment, this liquidated damage provision shall be void and we shall have the right to sue for copyright infringement and breach of contract.

5. Releases: Our invoice will advise you if any Photo has a property release; otherwise you should assume that no property release exists. Where we advise you about a release, in writing, our liability is limited to the invoiced price for the use of the Photo involved. You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless from any and all claims and expenses arising out of your use of the Photo. You agree not to use any Photo in a defamatory or fraudulent manner or context, either by physical changes to the Photo or by any accompanying text, and agree to hold us harmless from any and all claims and expenses arising from such use. If you utilize a Photo prior to paying our invoice, we must decline to accept any liability for any claim concerning the publication of such Photo since it was published without our permission.

6. Arbitration: A material part of this Contract is this agreement to arbitrate. Any and all disputes relating to this Contract, including its validity, interpretation, performance, breach or other matter shall be settled by arbitration in New York City pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Judgment upon any reward may be entered in the highest court having jurisdiction, whether Municipal, State, Federal or other, and the interpretation of this Contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York. Any dispute involving Five Thousand Dollars ($ 5,000.00) or less may be submitted, at our discretion and without arbitration, to any Court having jurisdiction thereof. You agree that the arbitrators shall have full authority to award all costs of the arbitration, including legal fees, plus legal interest on any award.

7. Copyright Protection: Photos used shall bear the credit line: “Copyright © Aerial Aesthetics, year” or other credit line specifically agreed to by us in writing. You agree to provide copyright protection to the photo and such copyright shall be immediately assigned to Aerial Aesthetics upon request and without charge.

I have read and accept the above Terms & Conditions for Layout Images.

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